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Reasons for buying a property in Türkiye

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What are the reasons that push foreigners to own a property in Türkiye?

For this reason, there are many, many reasons that led to the emergence of buying a property in Turkey, and these matters vary between religious, social, and other economic matters. Turkey is the geographic and civilizational point of contact between the Levant and the Maghreb. It is one of the most important visions of global tourism and an important investment station in the real estate world. It is one of the most important tools and pillars of investment.

She explained all the buildings for which she started to confirm the purchase of real estate in Turkey 2023.


Turkish economy

Real estate investment in Turkey is no longer limited to investing in summer residential homes in coastal cities in Turkey only! As a result, many people still confirm the purchase of various properties in Turkey to settle there and develop medical services.

The Turkish economy showed stability and strength in the face of the Corona virus, which had economic consequences that all countries in the world are suffering from so far, as the Turkish economy witnessed the first economic decline of the year 2021 and was the largest globally among the countries of the Openness Group.

The focus on the stability of the Turkish exclusivity is due to the availability of indirect neural data in all its parts, especially the infrastructure of large ship projects such as the Istanbul Canal project. In addition to the industrial sector and the mechanical site, which creates a land, air and sea port for transporting all goods and Turkey’s food, educational, industrial and oil supplies.

Return on real estate investment in Türkiye

Due to the great demand for real estate witnessed by the largest state in Turkey, we find that the investment is complete for all after a year. We find that the value of some properties in the city of Istanbul, for example, has increased by 100% over the past two years, taking into account Turkey’s large index last year. The rise in real estate prices cannot be linked to the local currency, but rather to trading in foreign currencies such as the dollar and the euro.

Due to the demand for real estate in Turkey for a long time due to the Russian-Ukrainian war in which a large number of investors from both partners participated to buy real estate in Turkey, its interest was attracted from the coastal cities to the major cities, especially Aktobe, which was the first in terms of confirming a large number of those interested in real estate in Turkey .

What was agreed upon in the signing was first in terms of the number of properties sold in it, partly to move forward from 2015 until 2022, as 127,210 properties were sold in that period out of the original 276,316 properties sold in Turkey.

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Buying a property in Istanbul

Istanbul occupies this position due to the comprehensive demand for commercial real estate there and this is due to the following reasons:

Internal migrants deal with residential properties, intended for rent, from natives in obtaining better job opportunities.
Study: Since there are more than 50 universities in the city of Istanbul, including public and private universities, these study opportunities are in the French language, with appropriate exceptions.
Immigration abroad, where they settle partially in general and Istanbul in particular, all in a better life for a character dedicated to Yemen, as it aims to attract immigrants from neighboring countries such as the Middle East and Iran, in addition to, as we mentioned previously.

Turkish passports

Real estate investment in Turkey provides investors with the opportunity to obtain Turkish passports, which is increasingly leading to the ease of obtaining entry visas to countries where original passports are not allowed to enter.
The ease of obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment, in addition to the opportunities for achieving financial profit, makes the popularity of this type of investment the most diverse.

More than 20,000 foreigners obtained Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment until the end of 2021.

All this seems to be a suitable option for Turkey’s favorite for those who are looking for a profitable and guaranteed return on investment in order to have opportunities to live and study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world that seeks social, cultural, natural and historical diversity in a completely different sense.

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